Integrated Payables


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Integrated Payables

The combination of virtual cards, dynamic decisioning, and process automation extends the power of electronic payments to all of your purchase-to-pay flows.

Experience the greatest value with end-to-end integration.

Our programs are designed to integrate seamlessly, utilizing innovative technology and industry best practices to simplify your Accounts Payable functions. With integrated payables, you can lift your bottom line, reduce processing costs, and improve cash flow, enabling you to take advantage of supplier discounts and enhanced revenue potential.

How It Works

Spend Net invoicing

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Time-consuming manual processes that could be automated cost your business money.

BBVA Spend Net℠ Invoicing converts email, fax, and paper invoices into electronic data for integration into your Accounts Payable.

Benefits include:
  • Decreased paper-based processes and transaction cost per invoice
  • Improved invoice processing times and Accounts Payable visibility
  • Increased compliance and audit controls
  • Better terms and early-payment discounts


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With one platform for all payments, you can simplify your processes.

Spend Net Payables elevates your Accounts Payable performance and gives you maximum control and a total view of your purchase-to-pay transactions.

Benefits include:
  • Seamlessly integrated digital technology
  • Multiple payment types consolidated into a single transmission
  • Reduced risk with automated and secure payment processing
  • Maximized electronic adoption and automation

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