Controlled Disbursement


Seamless daily fund management

Controlled Disbursement accounts help you manage your company's daily cash position by providing you with early morning notification of check clearings and same-day funding capabilities.


A controlled disbursement account lets you maximize your investment and borrowing opportunities while gaining control over outgoing cash flow.

Cost Effective

Because you are notified of check presentments in the morning, you can borrow or invest early in the day, thus making the most of funds.


You can more precisely identify your daily cash position and fund the majority of disbursements on a same-day basis.


Specifications and availability

  • Subject to approval
  • Controlled Disbursement sites are available in:
    • Oxford, Alabama
    • Flagstaff, Arizona
    • Fort Collins, Colorado
    • Pensacola, Florida
    • Albuquerque, New Mexico
    • Lake Jackson, Texas

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