BBVA Real Time Positive Pay


Protect your accounts from fraud – in real time

The risk of loss from ACH and check fraud is a real concern for businesses everywhere.

With BBVA RealTime Positive Pay, you can rest easy knowing your account activity is secure. We verify and process checks and electronic transactions as they are presented for payment, so you receive information about exceptions in real time – a feature you won’t find with any other bank. Plus, you can distribute checks as quickly as 30 minutes after uploading your issue files, rather than waiting overnight, and you have an extended window of up to 34 hours to make your exception decisions. 


We offer an array of Positive Pay services designed to meet the particular needs of your business. If protecting against check fraud is a priority, you can opt for Regular Positive Pay, Reverse Positive Pay, Payee Positive Pay, and Deposit Positive Pay. ACH Positive Pay enables you to proactively manage which ACH transactions can post to your accounts.

Cost Effective

By significantly reducing the potential for fraud, Positive Pay services can save you:

  • Time
  • Effort
  • Real dollars

Traditional batch processing can’t keep up with the realities of today’s fast-paced environment. Our real-time services give you control over transactions as they post to your accounts. Plus, we proactively send you alerts about exceptions, business rules, approaching decision deadlines, and more.

Fraud Prevention

Help protect your business from fraud with common tips and guidelines. 

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