ACH Authorization Services


A simple way to manage ACH transactions

Keeping track of ACH transactions that post to your account can be a challenge - especially if some of those transactions are unauthorized. You need an efficient and simple way to ensure that only those ACH transactions you authorize post to your BBVA account. With ACH Authorization services, you are in control of those transactions. ACH Authorization services allow you to:

  • Block all ACH debits and/or credits from posting to your account
  • Allow only specified ACH transactions to post to your account
  • Prevent certain companies from posting ACH transactions to your account


Choose from two levels of service

ACH Authorization is highly flexible. You define the allowable parameters for authorized ACH transactions.

  • Standard ACH Authorization enables you to block all ACH debits and/or credits or up to three originators from posting to your BBVA accounts
  • Enhanced ACH Authorization enables you to authorize selected originators to post ACH transactions, or to block four or more specified originators from posting ACH transactions to your BBVA accounts
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