Services and Options

Access the information and functions you need to make informed decisions:


  • Initiate Stop Payments
  • Search for paid checks, issues, and voids dating back up to two years. Images for exception items are also available for two years.
  • Initiate repetitive and free-form wire transfers
  • Initiate domestic wire transfers and international wire transfers in USD or a variety of foreign currencies
  • Perform internal account transfers and loan transfers
  • Originate ACH transactions such as direct deposit of payroll, child support payments, direct debits, returned checks, cash concentration, corporate payments, and tax payments
  • Project ending balances with Cash Flow Forecasting


  • Retrieve previous and current day balances and transactions for your company's BBVA accounts
  • Store reports and financial information for 120 days to retrieve and print as needed
  • Access time-sensitive information such as incoming wire transfers and ACH items
  • View controlled disbursement summary and detail information
  • Download information to other software packages and PFM applications
  • View numerous reports including commercial checking accounts, commercial loans, account analysis and shareholder statements in addition to ACH returns, Account Reconciliation, and EDI reports


  • Access lockbox deposit and remittance information
  • Search for lockbox transactions and images based on date range, check amount, check number, batch number, and other check related criteria
  • Utilize the advanced search option to find transactions and related images based on invoice data captured within BBVA lockbox services
  • View images of paper items that have posted to your account online, including check and deposit slips, and view details and images of checks you deposited into your account
  • View images of any returned deposited items being charged back to your account
  • New feature for Image Search (similar to Check Inquiry) that includes checks and deposit slip deposited into your account


  • Use audit controls with multiple levels of security, including user IDs, passwords, and security authentication
  • Have secure access to account information and transaction initiation
  • Set up alert notifications through various delivery channels

Account Reconciliation and Positive Pay

Review Positive Pay exception items and submit disposition instructions online

  • See the detailed, real-time status of your Positive Pay issue files
  • Get information about exceptions in real time with Real-Time Positive Pay
  • Take up to 6:00 pm Central Time the next business day to make your pay or return decision - a window of up to 33 hours
  • Search within user-defined ARP reports for specific information you need - a feature you won't find with any other bank
  • Enter issue and void requests or easily import an issue file
  • Research the status of payments on a real-time basis
  • Create user defined templates for common search criteria
  • Run ad-hoc queries on payment data, including outstanding items that can be exported in a variety of file formats from the ARP dashboard
  • Obtain a real-time statistical overview showing the status of various payment types
  • Download customized ARP files and reports
  • Receive alerts notifying you of problems with items in your check issue files, giving you the opportunity to repair and resend them online


  • View account balances and transactions in detail
  • Initiate wire, ACH, and account transfers
  • Process payments and transfers quickly using pre-approved templates created in the online platform
  • Approve ACH payments, pass-thru files, and account and wire transfers
  • Carry out free-form loan transfers, payments and draws, or use a template
  • Create stop payment requests for a single check or range of checks
  • Complete check inquiries for paid or stopped checks
  • Share reports, transaction searches, and screen shots through email and BBVA Net Cash secure messaging
  • Corporate administrators can use the app to change user passwords, manage user security devices, and review contact information, as well as validate or reject user changes
  • Log in faster using fingerprint biometric authentication
  • Use quick view widgets for easy access to information
  • Available on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, including Apple Watch and Android Watches

Details you need to make a smart decision

All accounts and credit are subject to approval including credit approval.