BBVA Net Cash USA Image Services


BBVA Net Cash USA Lockbox Reporting

Access same day reporting of your lockbox remittances through the Enhanced Lockbox Reporting Services. With this reporting module, you can

  • Easily view lockbox deposit information
  • Easily view images of remittance checks and related documents
  • Create customized detail reports that include remittance data, along with user-entered notes
  • Query lockbox transactions by:
    • Date
    • Check amount
    • Check number
    • Other check related information
  • Search for information based on:
    • Invoice number
    • Invoice amount
    • Any other customized data entry field

Online Image Presentment

With Online Image Presentment, you can make better-informed decisions, more quickly, because you can:

  • Search based on account and image service (paid check or deposited item) for up to 16 months
  • View paper items (debits and credits) that have posted to your account
  • View descriptions on images of checks you deposited and images of any returned deposited items or adjustment entries
  • Rotate check images to view both sides
  • Print images
  • Download images for inclusion in correspondence
  • See exactly what you need to verify:
    • Payees
    • Signatures
    • Endorsements
    • Dollar amounts
    • Serial numbers

Positive Pay Images

Our Positive Pay service provides you with the confidence that only the checks you issue will be paid.

With BBVA Net Cash you can:

  • Submit your issue files and voided items
  • Review exception items online
  • Submit disposition instructions online
  • View images of the exception items as you make your decisions
  • Zoom in and out on the item
  • Rotate and view the back of the item
  • Download the image to import into correspondence