A feature-rich online treasury management portal

Timely information is critical to your business success. BBVA Net Cash USA helps you stay on top of your company's cash position and banking transactions, even when you are out of the office.

Using a secure connection, you can track account balances and activity and execute cash management transactions quickly and accurately.

BBVA Net Cash lets you:

  • Access critical checking and savings balances, as well as detailed transaction information through online and mobile channels
  • Get quick access to time-sensitive information, such as loan balances and transactions, wire transfers, controlled disbursement presentments, ACH (Automated Clearing House) items, Lockbox deposits, returned deposited items and Positive Pay exceptions
  • New and modified ACH, Wire, Loan and Transfer templates
  • View online images of paper items (debits and credits) that have posted to your accounts, images of checks you deposited, and images of any returned deposited items
  • See the detailed, real-time status of items in your Positive Pay issue files and get information about exceptions in real time with Real-Time Positive Pay
  • Take until up to 6:00 pm Central Time the next business day to make your pay or return decision - a window of up to 34 hours
  • Search within user-defined ARP reports for specific information you need - a feature you won't find with any other bank
  • Research the status of payments on a real-time basis using the ARP dashboard
  • Access robust reports and images of checks and remittance documents received in your BBVA Lockbox, with extended retention windows
  • Receive alert notifications based on specific account activity, balances or events
  • View and download reports, including bank statements, EDI reports, ACH returns reports, commercial loan statements, account reconciliation reports, account analysis statements, and more


  • Intuitive and user-friendly workflow design
  • Streamlined balance reports and favorite reports for quick access to your company's cash position
  •  Easy-to-use wire transfer, ACH and account transfer templates
  • Manage and allocate funds at your convenience and in a timely manner
  • Initiate transactions through your PC or mobile device
  • Enjoy flexibility in the frequency and types of transactions you can initiate
  • Get confirmation of file transfers and transaction requests
  • Download information to other software packages, including WebConnect downloading to PFM applications
  • Log in on your PC or with the BBVA Net Cash Mobile app anytime, anywhere.
  • Get answers to your questions with the online help feature or through a Secure Chat with our Business Relationship Services team
BBVA Net Cash Mobile USA

Access your accounts on the go when you download the BBVA Net Cash Mobile USA app.

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  • Uses 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology
  • Encrypts transmissions to and from BBVA
  • Entails company IDs, user IDs and password
  • Requires Trusteer's Rapport security application for login
  • One-Time Passcodes or security token authentication
  • Offers additional approval levels for ACH, wire transfer and account transfer transactions
  • Approvals may be established for new and modified ACH and wire transfer templates
  • Locks users out after three unsuccessful login attempts
  • Logs users out after fifteen minutes of inactivity
  • Allows user customization. You determine the online treasury management accounts and reports your users can view. You also control the types of transactions and transactions amounts they can initiate.
  • Requires validation of all user administration actions upon user entitlements
Rapport Security

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