Host-to-Host and SWIFT for Corporate Solutions


Integrate with ERP systems to streamline your treasury processes

To support your treasury automation and integration objectives, BBVA offers the flexibility of Host-to-Host and SWIFT. Developed to provide data in a format that will integrate with your back-office systems, these services will help you manage your company’s working capital more effectively by putting the information most important to you where you need it.

host to host and swift corporate


  • Automates payables and receivables services for straight-through, end-to-end processing
  • Provides account information for both previous and intraday reporting
  • Speeds the processing of high volume transactions
  • Ensures high reliability by using end-to-end process monitoring
  • Supports full ERP integration using standard industry formats
  • Fulfills treasury management needs for balance and transaction reporting through a single, high-performance channel
  • Provides notifications to keep you informed of file processing status
  • Facilitates the automation of treasury cycles and reconciliation processes through scheduled transmissions
  • Uses secure communication protocols to ensure integrity of files
  • Encrypts all transmissions
  • Authenticates access through the use of client certificates
  • Supports PGP as an additional method for file encryption

SWIFT Platform Highlights

  • Offers a wide variety of treasury services using FIN MT Messages and FileAct
  • Encrypts transmissions through the SWIFT platform
  • Guarantees the integrity and confidentiality of all traffic
  • Provides the reliability of a highly resilient network with 99.999% availability

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