EDI Information Reporting


Streamline payment processing with easy-to-read EDI reports

If your company receives ACH items with addenda (supplemental data such as a remittance advice), you understand how critical it is to translate those addenda into a useful format. In addition, the information must be received quickly so that you can make important business decisions.

Our EDI Information Reporting services provide timely and accurate translation and notification of these types of transactions.


  • Converts ACH transaction data into reports or NACHA formatted files
  • Provides the information needed to post payments to your company's receivables system
  • ACH payments and payment information that are received in CCD+, CIE+, CTX, and PPD+ formats can be converted and reported
Cost Effective
  • Provides all payment information for a given date in one report or file
  • Provides verification of payment receipt to allow for the timely delivery of products or services to your customers
  • Provides beneficial cash flow information to aid you in setting your cash position
  • Provides information electronically for automatic updating of your accounts receivables

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