CompassView® Statement Items


Easily access your historical bank statements 

CompassView Statement Items allows you to efficiently search for paid checks across numerous bank statements or time periods. As your bank statement is generated, images of the paid checks and deposit slips are downloaded to CD-ROM. You can then view those images using our Windows-based CD-ROM viewer software, CompassView Statement Items.


  • Locate a check by account number, check number, amount, or paid date
  • Locate a deposit slip by account number, serial number, amount or deposit date
  • Search a range of check amounts to review checks over a certain dollar amount for signature compliance
  • Search on the CD-ROM loaded to your local drive, or from index information on your hard drive; the search results will tell you which CD-ROM to load
  • Zoom in or out or rotate the check image for ease of viewing
  • Print the check or deposit slip image with front and back views along with the index information
  • Copy check or deposit slip images by exporting them into desktop publishing software into help resolve payment disputes
  • Take CompassView further with Historical Item Imaging and Consolidated CD-ROM
Cost Effective

Eliminates the need to store checks. Each CD-ROM holds up to 25,000 check images, both front and back images.


The images are stored on write-once, write-only CD-ROMs that cannot be altered. The software is protected by user identification and passwords.


High-quality digitized images are clearer than microfilm or faxed images. Paid-check images can be accessed quickly and pasted into a correspondent letter, enabling quick resolution to payment disputes.


System Requirements

  • IBM compatible PC with Pentium Processor or better
  • Minimum Windows 2003
  • Minimum 486, 100 Mhz with 32 MB of RAM
  • Minimum 5 MB of free hard drive
  • CD-ROM drive

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