Automated Investment Sweep Service


How it works

  • You select the investment option that best meets your company's investment strategy. You may choose from:
    • Treasury Management Sweep Account
    • Goldman Sachs Money Market Mutual Funds
    • Money Market Deposit Account Sweep
  • We work with you to establish a "target balance" for your checking account
  • When balances in the account exceed your target balance, the excess collected funds are automatically transferred to the investment option you selected
  • The investment is the last transaction to occur in your checking account each night, so you can be assured that you are fully invested
  • We invest all your excess funds over your target balance, to the penny
  • A detailed description of all transactions is mailed to you, or you may view them daily via BBVA Net Cash


Depending on the sweep option you have chosen, your funds will:

  • Stay invested in the sweep until they are needed in your DDA for operational needs

- Or -

  • Stay invested overnight and sweep back into your DDA the following banking day

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