Restaurant Franchise Owners/Operators


Banking solutions for your franchise business

Owning and operating a restaurant business requires significant time, especially when you own multiple franchise units. You deserve a bank relationship that makes your job easier—providing you with the ability to access accounts, deposit cash and checks, make payments, deliver payroll funds, and more in no time.

BBVA takes the time to understand your business’ unique banking needs. We have a number of services specifically designed for your industry that can help you to simplify and consolidate banking relationships across your locations.

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For treasury management solutions tailored for your business, contact a BBVA Treasury Management Professional at 1-888-558-7568

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This web-based system allows you to access your banking account information at your convenience. With BBVA Net Cash USA, you can review account balances, monitor transaction activity, transfer funds between accounts, originate ACH files and wire transfers, and initiate stop payments.

BBVA Remote Deposit Capture

Your business can automate the preparation and delivery of check deposits to the bank each day with BBVA Remote Deposit Capture (RDC). RDC allows each of your onsite location managers to scan checks and electronically send check images to the bank for deposit. Along with eliminating bank trips and increasing security, you also get a later same-day deposit cut-off time of 9:00 p.m. CT.


DeposiCash® is a service that combines the security of a smart safe with the ability to receive daily bank credit for cash deposits before the deposits leave your locations. Today's smart safes are so smart, they provide a complete cash management solution by eliminating on-site cash counting as well as protecting against employee theft or mishandled funds while equipping you with advanced counterfeit note detection capabilities. When combined with armored transportation and daily bank credit, DeposiCash® virtually removes cash handling from a store's operations thereby increasing your store's productivity and efficiency.

Purchasing Card

Streamline your entire purchasing and account payable process with BBVA's Purchasing Card. It's a Visa®–branded credit card that reduces checks and improves management and control of the payables process across all of your locations.

Automated Payroll Services

Help your business reduce costs and increase employee satisfaction at the same time. With ACH Direct Deposit of Payroll, combined with PaySource™ Card, you can completely eliminate the need to create and deliver payroll checks to employees. Instead of writing checks, you electronically deposit their pay directly to their bank account, or if they don't have a bank account, to their PaySource™ Card that can be used at any ATM or merchant that accepts Visa.

Automatic Investment Sweep

Our Automatic Investment Sweep service allows your company to increase earnings by allowing idle funds to be invested each day from your operating accounts, while also ensuring your accounts have adequate funds to cover any disbursements.


DeposiTrackSM enables you to eliminate the management of multiple bank accounts while providing you with improved control over collections, disbursements and cash flow. You may open a sub account for each of your branches/locations, but have all of the activity for each sub account reported to a primary account.


A special savings opportunity

To help introduce you to our services, we are extending an exclusive offer to our Retailer and Franchise Owners/Operators. Enjoy these savings on treasury management services and other benefits when you open new accounts at BBVA:

  • Free "Switch Package" with up to $500 towards checks, deposit tickets, and supplies on new business accounts with treasury management services*
  • Comprehensive treasury management audit to identify potential operating efficiencies

Knowledgeable advice and outstanding customer support

As a BBVA client, you'll work with a dedicated Treasury Management Representative who is specially trained in the distinct depository and cash management requirements of Franchise Owners and Operators. In addition, BBVA's relationship-based approach to banking involves the teamwork of seasoned Relationship Managers who are committed to providing services and solutions to the retailer industry. Finally, our Business Relationship Services team adds another valuable layer of support, providing expert service and streamlining your company's day-to-day interaction with financial centers and bank operations.

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