Trade Services


Streamlining your foreign trade transactions

We help you compete in foreign markets by offering you nimble solutions and globally competitive pricing. We've made a commitment to simplifying the complexities of global trade via a global network of our multi-lingual, multi-cultural professionals, who can help you leverage our extensive experience with emerging markets.


Letters of credit

To assure your overseas suppliers of your company's credit standing both domestically and overseas. We also offer standby letters of credit to satisfy bid, performance, and advance-payment bond requirements in many foreign markets.

Foreign currency exchange 

Bank notes delivered directly to your banking branch for personal use as soon as the following business day.

Foreign drafts

To offer you a safe, effective way to convey funds by mail or by courier.

Documentary collections

To assist you in processing your foreign receivables, improving control of shipping documents, collection of drafts and follow-up of delinquent transactions.

Online access

To reduce costs and increase efficiency on letters of credit and documentary collections, and open-account transactions through Net Trade our online trade platform.

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Details you need to make a smart decision

All accounts and credit are subject to approval including credit approval.