Non-Recourse Factoring


Put your receivables on the fast track

Managing accounts receivable is an essential but time-intensive process, yet it may not be the best use of your company’s resources. Commercial Billing can provide a cost effective solution. We offer a complete non-recourse AR funding program. We manage your AR for you, which allows you to focus on more profitable activities, such as growing your business.


How our non-recourse program benefits you

Commercial Billing can help your company by providing:

  • Immediate cash for your accounts receivable
  • Improved cash flow going forward
  • Protection from bad debt losses
  • Elimination of the need for in-house credit and collection function
  • Improved profits
  • Treatment as a true sale for balance sheet purposes (seek advice from CPA)

Advantages for your business 

  • Speedy payments - Same day funding. Your company receives immediate cash, instead of waiting for your customers to pay you.
  • Complete service - We oversee all administrative tasks related to your accounts receivable, from qualifying new customer applications, to billing the customers, to collecting the accounts.
  • Non-recourse - We draw on our experience to make the credit decisions and accept the risk of bad debt losses.
  • Online customer account viewing - You will have access to your customer account activity via our web portal.

Details you need to make a smart decision

All accounts and credit are subject to approval including credit approval.