Your Cash Cycle: Improving Performance Through Payables Automation (Even From Home!)

Today your company has more options than ever before to digitize and improve your financial operations. One key area where BBVA can provide support is in Accounts Payable (A/P). Our Spend Net Payables solutions can even run outside the office, so you can take full advantage of its capabilities as you work from home. 

Let us help automate your processes, while simultaneously reducing costs and increasing working capital efficiency. Our modern payables automation solutions have enhanced features that can easily integrate with existing systems and provide measurable benefits. These include:

  • Multiple Payment Types. Securely process all electronic payment types from a single file, including virtual cards, ACH, and wires.
  • Electronic Invoicing. Allow for automated 3- and 4-way data matching, providing a potential straight-through processing environment.
  • Workflow. Enable non-IT persons to configure appropriate business rules for smoother workflow.
  • Transaction Visibility. Provide relevant views and data for payers and suppliers, including payments instructions and payments status across all electronic payment methods.
  • Channel Ubiquity. Give end users the web and mobile experience they want most. 

So what benefits can you expect from adopting integrated payables? For starters, reduced processing costs with no need for paper and fewer exceptions, errors, and late fees. Plus, you’ll gain intelligent payment choices, an enhanced ability to capture discounts, and greatly increased digital transaction data for advanced analytics.

It can all lead to significant savings for your company. According to one survey that compared highly automated A/P processing costs to the average performance, a company making 10,000 check payments per month can save $1,112,400 annually by automating the payables process. See below to estimate the value to your own company:

In addition, there’s another benefit to automating payables that is often overlooked but now becoming a greater factor among treasury professionals – and that’s the intelligence gained from data accumulated through transactions. In one survey of treasury professionals, 64% of responders indicated that data contributes value in forecasting, budgeting, and planning, while 61% identified improved cash flow analysis.

If you’re ready to lift your bottom line, reduce processing costs, improve working capital, and gain control over your cash cycle, then BBVA is ready to help. With our Spend Net Payables platform, you will utilize industry best practices and technology to help automate and simplify your A/P functions.

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