BBVA Supplier Enablement Support:
Helping to maximize savings and revenue to your bottom-line

Simply providing an integrated payables solution without helping you implement and optimize your processes is a job half-done. 

Our Spend Net solutions suite supports your accounts payable operations by conducting supplier enrollment campaigns,  so you can devote time and resources to other important activities. 

We take best practices to another level

Together, we’ll meet to set pre-campaign strategies and execution tactics. We’re dedicated to three principles: flexibility, analysis and proven execution.  

Step 1: Analysis
We’ll perform an extensive review of your Accounts Payable (AP) file, using our in-house modeling tools for comprehensive segmentation analysis.

Step 2: Strategy
Through close consultation, we’ll agree on the best campaign approach for your particular supplier base.  This typically is a ‘light touch’ and agreeable process whereby education and persuasion takes precedent over program mandates. 

Step 3: Implementation
When it comes to execution, BBVA does all the heavy lifting, enabling you to apply AP resources to more valuable pursuits. Active communications are key in capturing feedback and making necessary adjustments.  Campaigns are then typically repeated to obtain maximum supplier participation. As clients go through this process, they often find great revenue-generating and time-saving opportunities.  

For virtual cards, we can provide:

  • Comprehensive payment file analysis and segmentation
  • Evaluate payment terms, spend for each supplier, and payment method 
  • Help design the appropriate communication strategy that reaches suppliers with the most relevant information for their organizations
  • Establish continuous program optimization through ongoing campaigns and onboarding for new suppliers

Use Case: Healthcare

BBVA Net Spend Net Payables was implemented with a large healthcare provider.  This included replacing the previous commercial card bank provider with BBVA virtual cards. Working with our supplier enablement team, the client was able to realize the following improvements:

  • In the first two years the cumulative number of enrolled suppliers increased by 108%
  • Program spending jumped by 85%, including >55% in the first year alone

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