The BBVA Spend Net and Commercial Payments Newsletter

 Fourth Edition


Steve Putney
EVP, BBVA USA Treasury
and Payment Solutions

Dear Valued Client, 

As we make our way through the year, many challenges still remain, but optimism is on the rise. Countless opportunities lie ahead, and BBVA remains as committed as ever to providing your organization the tools and information necessary to maximize your program potential. This issue addresses topic that are helpful to achieving efficiencies and keeping your payables program safe and secure.

As always, thank you for your partnership and business.

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Faster for Less Cost: Why Digital Payments are a Win/Win

If your organization is like most, 2020 presented major challenges to your financial operations. Thankfully for many, digitalization came to the rescue. New ways to save time and money were born from advances in cash cycle management, from procurement to payables, trade financing, receivables and reconciliation.

New! Pay It Safe with Contactless Commercial Cards 

BBVA is always working to help you stay ahead of the technology curve. One of the clear developments arising from the COVID pandemic has been the buyer preference for “no touch” payments at the point-of-sale (POS). The safe solution? Contactless cards (also known as “tap and go”) have become increasingly common in markets such as Australia, Canada, Europe, and now the United States.

Risk Management: Four Scams to Watch Out For 

Criminals are getting creative, which is why cybersecurity and preventing payment fraud are among the top concerns of banks and their clients. That also makes it an ever-present priority for BBVA and one of our foundational strengths. We’re constantly investing in ways to make your financial operations more secure, and we’re always on the lookout for anything suspicious, especially now during a pandemic where changes in working processes lead to opportunities for fraudsters.


Previous Articles

4 Top Trends of 2020 

During this year of unprecedented upheaval and change, here were some of the most important shifts that may have impacted your organization and it's practices.

Coming Soon! Integrated Payables Get Faster with Wires 

In our efforts to continuously provide you with better products and services, we are adding wire transfer initiation to our Spend Net Payables solution. Wire transfers are the payment of choice for both high value and cross-border payments.

BBVA Supplier Enablement Support:
Helping to maximize savings and revenue to your bottom-line

Simply providing an integrated payables solution without helping you implement and optimize your processes is a job half-done. Our Spend Net solutions suite supports your accounts payable operations by conducting supplier enrollment campaigns,  so you can devote time and resources to other important activities. 

Priority Now: Payments Fraud Prevention

Fraud may flourish in times of uncertainty, as fraudsters look to capitalize on distraction and confusion. As more and more of us work from home, your processes may have changed, exposing potential vulnerabilities as you operate in new, unfamiliar ways.

Your Cash Cycle: Improving Performance Through Payables Automation (Even From Home!)

Today your company has more options than ever before to digitize and improve your financial operations. One key area where BBVA can provide support is in Accounts Payable (A/P). Our Spend Net Payables solutions can even run outside the office, so you can take full advantage of its capabilities as you work from home. 

We’re Here for You: Rapid-Response Customer Support

During this potentially challenging time, you can be assured that BBVA is committed to keeping your business moving without interruption. As new details emerge and fast attention is required, our goal at BBVA is to provide you with a single immediate touch point and ‘one stop resolution’ for any situation, typically during a single call.

Winning the Fight Against Fraud: Recent Program Enhancements

Now more than ever, security is a must. The commercial payments ecosystem is evolving quickly, but fraudsters are keeping pace with it, employing techniques that make payments fraud a growing threat. To address this trend, we have added several innovative features in the past year to help you win the fight against fraud.

How We Serve You: A Closer Look

BBVA combines human expertise with innovative tools and technology. Read more about how we're structured to help streamline your workflows, enable automation, manage cash assets and more.

Automate your invoices with Spend Net

We have compiled a document that teaches you how to automate your invoices with Spend Net.

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