Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Food franchises are a hot commodity in the United States.

According to Food Franchise Report 2018, in fact, food franchises account for 36 percent of the establishments and 48 percent of the annual financial output of the U.S. franchise industry. Furthermore, fast food franchises make up an estimated 25 percent of all total U.S. franchise establishments.

The first step can be challenging, but researching the high and low end of certain food franchises' investments is crucial to see which one is the perfect fit for your ambitions.

While there are plenty of ways to obtain a food franchise and become an owner, the most common initial step is putting forth an up-front investment. It's important to note that, many times, these initial investments are usually not refundable once a franchisee is accepted.

Below are some of the fastest growing franchises, according to Entrepreneur Magazine's Franchise 500 list.

While they are ranked differently by the publication (in terms of fastest-growing), the specific list below ranks these franchises on lowest initial investment. The variation between the noted low and high initial investment accounts for multiple factors including location and others. The list is ranked from cheapest to most expensive.

Cheapest Fast Food Franchise Initial Investments (based on low-end investment amount):


Kona Ice

$124,750 - $147,550

Jersey Mike's Subs

$237,419 - $766,971

Jimmy John's

$313,600 - $556,100 

Pizza Hut

$327,00 - $2,253,500

Dunkin' Donuts

$395,500 - $1,597,200 

Taco Bell

$525,100 - $2,622,400


$1,058,000 - $2,230,000


$1,236,800 - $3,536,300


$1,442,550 - $2,771,550

Jack in the Box

$1,481,500 - $3,336,600 

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