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Changing Your PIN Number


Do check cards/debit cards have PINs?

Yes, when you use a check/debit card, you will need to use a PIN number at payment terminals (when you swipe your card) and also to get money from ATMs.

How do I get a PIN number for my check/debit card?

In most cases, your bank will mail your check/debit card to you shortly after you open a checking account. You will, more than likely, receive mail notification soon thereafter with your temporary PIN. You can then call 1-844-228-2872 to change your PIN to a number you want to use.

Help! I forgot my debit card PIN. Can you help me?

You should contact your local branch for assistance retrieving or changing your PIN. It might take a few days for your new PIN to be sent to you. However, in the meantime you can still use your check/debit card by choosing the CREDIT option when you swipe your card. Even though you select the CREDIT option, you will not be charged interest.

If you are a BBVA customer, simply call 1-800-239-5175 to order a new PIN. It could take 7-10 business days for you to receive your new PIN in the mail.

Can I change the PIN on my debit card?

Most banks allow you to change your PIN whenever you want. In fact, changing your PIN can protect your card from fraud, similar to changing your password regularly on online accounts.

If you’re a BBVA customer, changing your PIN is easy. In fact, we offer three convenient ways to do it:

  • Log into BBVA Mobile Banking App and select "Change PIN" in the card menu. You will be sent a one-time security code via text message that you will use in the app to verify your identification and change the PIN.
  • Contact us at 1-844-228-2872 and the follow the prompts to change your PIN.
  • Visit a branch location for assistance. Find a BBVA Location

Need to change your PIN?

Easily create a new PIN number with our BBVA Mobile Banking App. Or visit a BBVA branch or call 1-844-BBVA USA for assistance.

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