Business Savings Accounts

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Business savings made simple

Earn interest on your savings with accounts designed for your growing business.

Plus, enroll in our Small Business Money Market Sweep Service and benefit from the ease of having extra funds "swept" into your savings account to earn greater interest.


BBVA Business Savings

Start saving today with a business savings account that makes earning interest and growing your savings easy.

Benefits Include:

  • Low $100 minimum opening deposit
  • Competitive interest rates
  • $5 monthly Service Charge, waived in statement cycles when either $500 minimum average daily collected balance is maintained or an automatic recurring monthly transfer of $25 or more from a BBVA checking account to savings is established
  • No check writing

BBVA Business Money Market

Earn more on the money your business saves, plus get exclusive features, including checking writing access and unlimited in-person transactions.

Benefits Include:

  • Potentially earn more by increasing your BBVA Relationship. See Terms and Conditions for more information about Relationship Pricing.
  • Low $1,000 minimum opening deposit 
  • Competitive variable and tiered interest rate
  • Interest is credited monthly 
  • Unlimited in-person transactions (transfers or withdrawals), six free transactions per month via phone or computer (not in person)
  • Check writing access


A smart way to automate savings

With any of our small business savings accounts, you can have funds transferred automatically from a BBVA checking account to your savings account free of charge.


Small Business Money Market Sweep Service

With the Small Business Money Market Sweep Service, you can easily manage your checking account with automatic transfers and help ensure important payments are not returned or declined. 

Here’s How It Works:
  • Establish a Target Balance of at least $50,000 for your business checking account
  • When your checking account exceeds the Target Balance, the excess funds are swept into your Money Market Account where they can earn interest
  • If funds are needed to pay a debit item in your checking account, funds are swept1 from your savings account back into your checking account to pay debit items and restore your checking account to the Target Balance2
Additional Benefits:
  • No monthly Service Charge2
  • Unlimited in-person withdrawals
  • Flexible access to account funds

To help you better understand the overdraft protection options available to you, please view the Business Overdraft Payment and Protection Program Comparison Chart

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With our business savings accounts, you'll enjoy:

Details you need to make a smart decision

BBVA Business Savings: Additional terms may apply; refer to the Terms and Conditions for additional details.

BBVA Business Money Market: Money market accounts are subject to approval. Additional terms may apply; refer to the Terms and Conditions for additional details.

*A sole proprietor is an unincorporated business established by a single person (i.e. the proprietor) with no legal distinction between the business and the person.

1Certain withdrawal transactions from savings and money market accounts may result in the account being reclassified as non-interest bearing if limits are exceeded. The following withdrawal transaction types are limited to six (6) per month: transfers to another deposit account with BBVA or to a third party by means of a pre-authorized agreement, telephonic request, check, debit card, draft or similar order (including Online Banking transfers and sweep transfers from a savings or money market account). There is no limit on the number of withdrawal transactions from such accounts when made in person at a BBVA banking office or at an automated teller machine. Withdrawal transactions of any type in excess of the Excess Transaction Fee limit will be subject to a fee.

2While there is no Service Charge for the Small Business Money Market Sweep Service, each time funds are swept from the Money Market Account to the Checking Account, the Checking Account will be charged an Inter-Account Transfer Fee of twelve dollars ($12.00). There is no charge to sweep funds from the Checking Account to the Money Market Account. Having Linked Account Overdraft Sweep Service does not guarantee you against paying NSF fees; the amount of funds in your savings account may not be sufficient to cover all transactions. Even if enough funds are in the secondary account to cover an overdraft, the bank is not obligated to transfer funds if: (a) the secondary account is dormant, inactive, or frozen; or (b) the transfer exceeds or would exceed any limitation on the number of transactions that are permitted for the secondary account.