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With lower down payments and longer terms, a Small Business Administration (SBA) loan—guaranteed  in part by the U.S. government—can help your small business get off the ground. Named a “National Preferred Lender” by the SBA, BBVA has the experience and know-how to position your small business for future growth.


Let us help you open the doors to your small business

With a SBA Loan financed through BBVA, you'll benefit from:

  • Lower down payment
  • Longer terms (fixed or variable)
  • Lower equity terms
  • Lower debt service coverage requirements
  • Less restrictive collateral requirements

SBA National Preferred Lender

Recognized as a “SBA Lender of the Year” in 2015 by the Small Business Administration, BBVA is proud to do our part to help small businesses overcome their current economic challenges and position themselves for future growth. A Top 10 SBA Lender, we rank #6 for loans processed in fiscal year 2017 and #10 for dollar value. That’s because our SBA Lending Group focuses exclusively on lending to businesses like yours.

 types of SBA loans

Compare SBA Loans to find the right one for your business:


  SBA 7(a) Loan SBA 504 Loan Conventional


General Purpose

Real Estate & Equipment

General Purpose

Loan Size

$350,000 to $5,000,000

$2,000,000 to over $15,000,000


Interest Rate

  • Variable or fixed rate
  • Fully amortized through the term of the loan
  • Interest rates are based on the current market conditions with various indexes up to prime and individual loan review
  • Variable or fixed rate
  • Fully amortized through the term of the loan
  • Interest rates on 504 loans are set at an increment above the current market rate for five-year and ten-year U.S. Treasury issues

Variable or fixed rate

Terms Available & Amortization Periods

  • 25 years: real estate
  • 10 years: equipment, business acquisition
  • 5 to 7 years: working capital
  • All loans are fully amortized
  • No balloon payments
  • 20 years fully amortized real estate loan
  • 10 years fully amortized equipment loan
  • No balloon payments
  • Typically 20 year amortization for real estate with 5 year balloon
  • 10 year balloon
  • 5 Years: equipment
  • Typically 1 year line of credit working capital

Loan Purpose

  • Expand, acquire or start a business
  • Purchase or construct real estate
  • Refinance existing business debt
  • Buy equipment
  • Provide working capital
  • Finance building improvements
  • Purchase inventory
  • Purchase existing building
  • Land acquisition
  • Ground up construction
  • Expansion of existing building
  • Finance building improvements
  • Purchase equipment
  • Expand or acquire a business
  • Purchase or construct real estate
  • Refinance existing business debt
  • Buy equipment
  • Provide working capital
  • Construct leasehold improvements
  • Purchase inventory

Loan Structure

  • Up to 90% bank loan
  • 10% borrower down payment
  • 50% bank loan
  • Up to 40% CDC loan
  • 10% borrower down payment
  • Up to 80% bank loan
  • 20% borrower down Payment
  • Plus closing costs

Loan Fees

  • 1.75% - 2.75% of loan depending on size
  • Fees rolled into loan
  • Weighted average fees for both loans are 2%
  • Fees rolled into loan
  • Up to 1% origination fee
  • Fees paid at closing


Frequently asked questions


What can I finance?

SBA loans can be used for many purposes, but are typically used to finance:

  • Owner-occupied commercial real estate
  • Equipment
  • Working capital
  • Furniture and fixtures
  • Leasehold improvements
  • Debt refinance
  • Start-up businesses
Is my business eligible for a SBA loan?

Is a SBA loan the right choice for your small business? We’ll work with you to review your specific business situation in detail, but the following guidelines can get you started:

  • Company is a for-profit entity
  • Proven industry and management experience
  • Satisfactory credit
  • Loan size of $100,000 to $5,000,000
  • Guidelines regarding size of company vary by industry:
    • Generally businesses with a maximum tangible net work of $15,000,000, AND
    • The average net income after Federal income taxes (excluding any carryover losses) of the applicant for the two full fiscal years before the date of the application is not more than $5,000,000   

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All loans subject to SBA, collateral and underwriting requirements, and approval, including credit approval.