BBVA Remote Deposit Capture


Makes depositing checks fast, easy, and secure

With BBVA Remote Deposit Capture, your business can save time and money with a powerful cash management tool that allows you to handle deposits electronically.



Eliminate bank trips

Save time by eliminating the need to make regular trips to the bank to deposit checks. Spend more time taking care of your customers, and less time in traffic.

Process deposits after hours

Take advantage of an extended deposit deadline for same day ledger credit (cutoff time is 9:00 PM CST).

Streamline deposit preparation and delivery

Deposit funds into a single account to consolidate redundant operations and streamline your deposit reconciliation process.

Deliver deposits through a secure electronic connection

Reduce posting errors with a process that instantly validates and balances deposits when documents are scanned.

Reduce costs with larger balances

Deposit larger balances and offset fees, with a centralized deposit system. Plus, get your first Remote Deposit Capture scanner at no charge.

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BBVA Remote Deposit Capture

 savings calculator

How much could I save with BBVA Remote Deposit CaptureTM Service?


Employee hourly wage:


Time spent in the car and at the bank (in minutes):


Cost of gas (per gallon):


MPG of car taken to bank:


Round trip distance (in miles):


Number of trips per week:


Fuel cost per month:

Employee cost per month:

Total Cost:

Cost of Remote Deposit Capture per month:

Your Monthly Savings could be as high as:






Details you need to make a smart decision

BBVA Remote Deposit Capture is subject to approval, including credit approval and the acceptance of the terms and conditions related to such service. Price listed applies only to small business customers and is subject to change without notice. Savings is estimated only and not guaranteed.

*Weekly costs are assumed to be incurred 4 weeks per month.