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Frequently Asked Questions

Merchant Services and POS

Does BBVA offer Merchant Services?

When you open a BBVA Small Business Checking account you also have the opportunity to open up a world of possibilities through BBVA Merchant Services. For businesses looking to upgrade their point of sale technology, we offer a full range of Clover POS equipment at prices to fit any budget. From countertop stations to hand-held portables, all our POS systems come payment-ready as soon as they reach your door. Easy leasing options can make the latest in point of sale technology a reality for businesses on any scale. In addition, BBVA Merchant Services offers incentives designed to help small businesses, including specific programs for veteran-owned businesses. Learn more here.

Does BBVA offer business POS equipment?

Businesses who open a BBVA Small Business Checking account can often continue to use their existing POS system if they choose. But, if you're looking to upgrade your point of sale technology, BBVA Merchant Services offers a complete range of Clover POS products from countertop stations to hand-held portables. All Clover equipment comes payment-ready and set to go to work. Our business-friendly leasing opportunities can help turn a Clover POS system into a reality for your business. Learn more here.

Who has an affordable POS system for my business?

BBVA offers a wide selection of Clover point of sale equipment for small businesses. Clover POS products include everything from all-in-one countertop stations to hand-held portables. All Clover equipment comes ready to use as soon as it's delivered. Leasing options through BBVA make it easy to provide the best customer service with the latest POS technology. BBVA Merchant Services can help guide you through the options available to your business. Learn more here.

For your existing Clover system

Where can I get more Clover receipt paper?

Receipt paper can be ordered directly from the “Order Paper” app, from our supplies center at (888) 420-8846, or found at major retailers like Staples or Office Depot.

  • The Station printer takes 3 1/8 inch x 230 feet thermal paper rolls.
  • The Mini and Flex internal printers, the Mobile printer, and the FD130 terminal take paper rolls that are 2 1/4 inches by 85 feet.
  • The Star SP700 Kitchen Printer (also commonly referred to as the Impact Printer) takes 76mm paper rolls, with a roll diameter of up to 85mm.

How can I add more devices or accessories to my existing Clover system?

Clover supports a host of compatible accessories you can view here. For assistance with adding accessories or devices to your system, contact your business consultant. You can find their contact number on your statement or by logging in to your web dashboard. On your Station, Mobile, and Mini, you will find the phone number at the top right corner of the screen.

Can’t find your contact number? Please call (888) 420-8846.

Where do I go for help with my existing Clover system?

Visit the Clover Help Center for guidance on setting up, troubleshooting, or learning how to operate your Clover system.

For more personalized service, find your dedicated Clover support number on your statement or by logging in to your Clover Web Dashboard. You can also find this number at the top right corner of your Station, Mobile, or Mini device screen. Merchants using the Clover Go app can find their support number in the Help & Support menu, or request a call back.

You can also email or call (855) 853-8340 with specific questions or issues.


Getting a new Clover system

How do I sign up for Clover?

To get started with Clover, the first step is to purchase a Clover device. Browse the Clover BBVA Shop to find the right option for your business. When ordering your hardware, you will also be required to apply online for a merchant processing account. The online application has a quick approval process, and your Clover devices arrive payments-ready, so that you can start accepting credit cards as soon as your system arrives.

How fast can I get paid with BBVA Small Business Checking?

When you have a business checking account with BBVA you can receive your funds as early as the next day.1

Do you offer a lease on Clover equipment?

Yes, we have leasing options available for our customers. To learn more about opening a Merchant Services account or to purchase Clover equipment, you can visit here or call the First Data Business Consultant Center at 1-866-359-2132.

Can I use Clover with my existing BBVA Merchant Services account?

One of our qualified business consultants can access your options and determine the best solution. Contact us here or call 1-866-359-2132 for assistance.

What is your Clover return policy? Are their termination fees or contract issues?

Clover devices ordered from can be returned for a full refund within 60 days. You pay only for return shipping.

For specifics, click here or call 1-866-359-2132  for assistance.

Can I take credit cards without buying a Clover device?

Yes, we offer solutions independent of Clover hardware. Contact us here or call 1-866-359-2132  for assistance.

How fast can I get a Clover device?

When you purchase directly from Clover BBVA shop, once your application is approved, we’ll ship your new system overnight within one business day.

Need a payment device today? Look for the Clover Go card reader at an Apple Store near you and apply for a Merchant Services account via the information included with your device or by clicking here.

Choosing a Clover system

What accessories are compatible with Clover?

Clover supports a host of compatible accessories. Existing merchants can talk with a business consultant about their options at 1-866-359-2132 or by clicking here.

Which Clover system works while the Internet is down?

All Clover systems can accept payments while the Internet is down and then process those transactions when connectivity returns. Additionally Clover has multiple devices that can take payments via wireless LTE networks with an optional LTE service plan. Click here to learn more.

Details you need to make a smart decision

1Next Day funding: Transactions must be batched and sent to First Data by 11:00 p.m. ET for funds to be deposited in your BBVA Business deposit account the following business day. Weekends and holidays will cause a delay to the next business day funding process. Transaction details may not be reflected until the second business day.

BBVA Merchant Services accounts are subject to approval, including credit approval.  BBVA Merchant Services are provided and underwritten by First Data Merchant Services LLC, which is responsible for the services it provides. Use of CLOVER® (provided by Clover Network, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of First Data Corporation) may require a BBVA Merchant Processing Agreement. First Data Merchant Services is not an affiliate of BBVA. All trademarks, service marks and trade names referenced in this material are the property of their respective owners. ©2019 All rights reserved.