Monday, 22 July 2019

Small business owners can wear a lot of hats: chief executive, chief operating officer, chief financial officer, human resources manager and more.

And while technology can help automate and streamline many essential business functions, not all small businesses have the cash to invest in sophisticated software solutions.

Today, many small business checking and savings accounts include robust digital tools small business owners can leverage to improve efficiency, reduce costs, generate essential business data and automate daily financial management. Here are 10 of them:

1. Automate Bill Payment

With online bill pay, you can automate recurring monthly bills which ensures payments are made on time and help you avoid late fees. And, of course, when you automate, you save on labor costs, too.

2. Deposit checks remotely

Online deposit means fewer trips to the bank. Plus, many remote deposit services offer extended daily deposit deadlines and give you digital tools that help streamline your deposit reconciliation process.

3. Stay alert

Customized account alerts will make sure you always know what's going on with your accounts — balances, deposits, suspicious transactions and more.

4. Create and monitor budgets

These days you can do so much more than just transfer funds and check balances in online banking. Many online banking platforms, including BBVA online banking, offer customers advanced budgeting capabilities, expense monitoring and detailed reporting. 

 5. Automate payroll

BBVA offers small business customers feature-rich payroll services you manage through online banking. The platform gives employees self-service access to their payroll forms and data, and calculates and pays local, state and federal payroll taxes.

6. Download data

Most online banking platforms make it easy for you to download financial data into money management programs and compile data for accounting and bookkeeping professionals.

7. Track expenses and manage employee spending

Business credit cards now include online management tools that let you control and track employee spending, categorize expenses and download historical spending data.

8. Bank from just about anywhere

Mobile banking allows you to access and manage your business accounts via smartphone or tablet while traveling or in the field. If you have internet access, you can bank.

9. Accept payments and a whole lot more

Merchant services have come a long way. Today, you can deploy sleek, streamlined payment solutions that include payment processing, inventory control, sales tracking.

10. Use digital treasury management services

Smart, intuitive treasury management services make it easy for you to manage cash, make and receive ACH payments and wire transfers, detect and prevent fraud and stop payments.

Banks and other financial institutions understand that small business customers need more than just a checking account, a loan and some credit cards. Many financial institutions are offering their small business customers a whole range of simple yet powerful digital services. And as fintech becomes even more capable and dynamic, small business customers can look forward to their banks providing the financial and technological support they need to grow.


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